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Baroque Guitar by Alexander Batov. Flat back, 67cms string length. Aquila gut strings, nylgut set in Kingham professional case. Used on recordings and videos by Rob MacKillop. MP3 files on www.SongOfTheRose.co.uk and YouTube videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/BalcarresGuy
The instrument is of the highest quality, in perfect condition, and is set up beautifully for playing. One of the finest baroque guitars – a true players’ instrument. 2,900 GBPounds including case. Shipping extra.
Contact: Rob MacKillop, 0131 343 2195 [International +44 131 343 2195] or luteplayer1@googlemail.com

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This instrument has been withdrawn from sale. I had decided to sell it as my growing arthritis in my plucking hand stopped me from doing most kinds of strums, and if you can't strum a baroque guitar...

Well, the good news is that I now have enough freedom of movement to do a limited amount of strumming, enough for de Visee, for example, so will hold on to the instrument. So I am glad no-one bought it! An opportunity missed by someone - this is a GREAT guitar :-)

Robert de MacKillop
Happy to read this message. I wish you the best, I'll pay you a visit when I go to Scotland. Best wishes, Patrig
Yes, please do visit. It would be great to see you.


hi do u have BAROQUE  guitar or Vihuela for sale 

' thanks 

 am big fan



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