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Hi every one, thanks for looking.

I have for sale one of my own build baroque guitars after the Ashmolean Stradivarius.

I finished this guitar in April 2015 and it was my 3rd build. As such it has a couple of minor cosmetic imperfections and a bit of wear but nothing to write home about. The important thing it plays and sounds very well and compares well to other instruments I have tried.

It has a 700mm scale length tuned to E flat,

It is made from wood I sourced from Martin Bowers' stock so it's all very well seasoned.

It has a spruce top with English walnut back and sides, mahogany neck and burr walnut fret board and headstock, the top is bound in rosewood and the back is unbound. It has ebony pegs. Strings are all Nylgut

I'm not looking to make a huge amount of money on this just the cost of materials, electricity and a little bit on top for my trouble as it's a hobby.

Even if you try it and decide not to buy I would more than welcome any feedback especially from those who own or have tried instruments made by professional makers.

I'm based in Essex UK.

Looking for around £380 for it.

Thanks again Graham

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Looks nice work, well done! More photos? Can only see one photo

There are some attachments too James. You can click on them to open them, I couldn't work out how to put more than one on the home screen but I'll try again...

Thanks for the comments :-)

Figured out how to do it James :-)

Looks nice. Interested. Please contact me
Hello Mr. Graham. I am a community college music student in need of a BG on which to learn on. i am interested in this BG. Is this BG still available?
Thank you for your time.

Hi Isidro,

I'm afraid somebody has offered to buy the guitar off me. He's coming to pick it up next weekend. However if anything changes I'll let you know.

Best Regards


Hello Graham,

Thank you for your reply. Do let me know if things do change.



Sold with thanks to Tom

And I could not be any happier. It's a beautifully made baroque guitar with the most amazing tone, made by an absolute gentleman. So pleased and immersed in Santiago de Murcia.

Thanks Tom. Really happy that you're enjoying it :-)


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