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I have uploaded audio recordings to my personal website of several alfabeto songs-  Grandi, Landi, and Kapsberger- on a "hidden" page that can be accessed by copying this link:


Scores and translations are there as well.

Although I have done a fair bit of research so far regarding the performance of this repertoire, this is still a relatively new venture for me.

I would greatly appreciate hearing any comments you might have-  I only ask that you be gentle!

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For some reason I was able to hear only the Kapsberger.  I checked elsewhere on your site and heard a Monteverdi piece played only with guitar as well.

I really cannot give you a scholarly comment, so this is a listener's comment; a very pleased listener, I might add. 

I like the way you used the Bguitar... these delicate strummings are what I believe is best for these songs, While others might have been tempted to do a more prominent accompaniment, you chose to place the spotlight on the singing, where it is supposed to be.

Maybe you could comment on why you decided not to play the bass part with another instrument... viola da gamba, perhaps.

Thanks for listening!

As much as I enjoy collaborating with other musicians, there is something about accompanying oneself that makes everything feel absolutely free, and I think it's a sensation that must have appealed to those singers in the early 17th century as well. But this brings up the age-old argument- do the alfabeto chords on their own constitute a "complete" accompaniment? I think they do, and the freedom of expression that often results in performance makes for an effective experience for the listener. But as the listeners...that's sort of up to you, isn't it?

Same here. I really enjoyed the Kapsberger, but the other pieces wouldn't play.

Sorry, folks-  don't know what went wrong there, but I think the problem is fixed, so all three can be heard now.



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