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Today one of my students turned up with a new 5c guitar by Alexander Batov. I know I've championed his work before, but he has now entered a new level, and I honestly don't know any better luthier for guitars and vihuelas. I believe he is also making lutes as well. I'm sure he will soon be regarded as one of the finest lute makers in the world.  


Here is the very instrument. The visuals are amazing, but I have to tell you that the sound is REALLY AMAZING. And, no, I am not on commission. If only!




We are lucky to have him commenting here when he has the time.

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He certainly does lovely work. I'm in love with his new Henestrosa Vihuela. That is one fine work of art...so is that Baroque guitar.
Thank you, Scot and sorry to keep you waiting for the long-promised update on the 'Henestrosa' vihuela. The text is mostly ready now and I just have to add a few pictures to illustrate the idea. It all takes time ...
Take all the time you need. I know it will be worth the wait.

wow,  just astounding,



very inspiring!

Beautiful one.

I love also his Viola da Mano...

He is making lutes too ??? I don't see any on his website.


Thank you, Valéry. Yes, I've been making lutes and other related instruments since late 70s but for the last 10 years or so was mostly concentrating on vihuelas, guitars and viols. I suppose it's all started off with my research on the Dias vihuela (from the collection of the Royal College of Music) and then carried on into 'neighbouring' areas, viola da mano etc ... I'm gradually returning to making lutes again in the next year. I haven't got any decent digital images of my lutes and hence there aren't any pictures of them on my web site (scanning 10+ year-old old prints doesn't seem an attractive idea).
Well, that website is devoted to guitars, vihuelas and viols. Maybe he needs another website for his lutes.
Not only does he do fine work, he is a really nice guy and very helpful to rookie hack luthiers like myself! 
Thanks so much, Rob, for the review. And to everybody else who commented, that's very kind of you! Well, it is a bit embarrassing for me to to be treated so highly. I'm only trying to do my best (as I would imagine most makers are who are registered with this forum!), that's all.


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