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At the moment I'm trying to play Corbettas Caprices de chacone but I have problems with the repicco. Does anybody know how you play it?

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Corbetta (1671) has the following [D=down, U=up]:

ami D
p D p U
im U
m D i D m U i U
i D i U
ami D p D p U im U

Good luck!
PS Don't ask for a demonstration!
Thank you for your reply. I have tried to play it, but it seems almost impossible. I can understand about the demonstration.
You have added some really beautiful music to your page, especially Visee. Very elegant.
The way I learned it from Robert Strizich was: the long stems are done with the thumb according to the stem direction and same with the short stems, paying attention to the finger dots. So the first half-bar would go like this: down with fingers, down with thumb, up with thumb, down with middle finger, down with first finger, up with middle finger, up with first finger
This is not really for public consumption because it is not really up to par, but I almost pull off the stums. :-) Not quite there, but it is what it is.
I don't know why you think it is not for public consumption. I really enjoyed it. A real performance.
Great! This sounds just like I want it to sound. What I find most difficult is: down with middle finger, down with first finger, up with middle finger, up with first finger.
Yes, me too. I think you have to move the hand around and try different positions until you find one that clicks. I move my wrist slightly higher for that part. I also find it easier to do the strums up over the neck.

For me, this is one of those pieces that is a "lifetime piece." I keep coming back to it.


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