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I have had contact from a fairly virtuoso recorder player looking to explore some duets with 19th-century guitar, but I can't think of any original repertoire for the combination. Any ideas? I'm not interested in arrangements of flute and guitar pieces, or suchlike, only pieces specifically for recorder and guitar from the 19th century.

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Oh..I forgot about that! Haven't been looking... I do have a very good recorder friend who keeps asking me to play with her, but she is mainly into baroque music. I should look into the csakan more.

I also know i guy that plays recorder. And yesterday I wrote and ask him if he know about the Csakan and he told me that he has three of them. So all I need is some music, thats why I ask if You might have found something, but as You mention You forgot :-)

Ha! Sorry ;-) Someone mentioned that Diabelli wrote for the czakan (various spellings) but I haven't seen it.

Lars, maybe you can start your research here: 


That CD has some Diabelli for csakan and guitar. 

Also googling "csakan AND gitarre" will give you a lot of repertoire info, I found dozens of pieces available for sale, and searching the usual libraries (Hudleston, Boije, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek etc etc) will give you some ideas as well.

Good luck and keep us posted, Jelma

Hi Jelma

Thank U .


Can this be?

RNST KRÄHMER, Rondeau Hongrois, Op. 28, for soprano recorder and piano or guitar.
ERNST KRÄHMER, Introduction and Variations on an Original Theme, for soprano recorder and piano or guitar.

Have for sale in this site: http://www.dolce-edition.com/csakanmusic.html

Thanks, Max!


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