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I have had contact from a fairly virtuoso recorder player looking to explore some duets with 19th-century guitar, but I can't think of any original repertoire for the combination. Any ideas? I'm not interested in arrangements of flute and guitar pieces, or suchlike, only pieces specifically for recorder and guitar from the 19th century.

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I dont think theres is such compositions. The traverso was taking over the recorder from the second half of 18th century and into the 19th.
That's what I am was thinking, Lars. I can't think of anything specific.
Me neither. By the way. Is it a terzguitar that Your playing in Your new profile photo. It looks rather small
Yes. It's in the collection of Edinburgh University.

Well, there are two 19th century descendants of the recorder, the csakan and the flageolet. There are one or two duos doing csakan & 19th century guitar, pieces by Kreutzer and Diabelli for instance.


See: Kammertrio Wien Linz


And: http://www.flageolets.com/

The flageolet sounds interesting. There might be possibilities there. Thanks, Jelma.
My recorder player tells me that the recorder certainly survived throughout the 19th century, but was often referred to as the flauto dolce. So, any works specifically for guitar and flauto dolce?

I have played a work by Leonhard von Call with recorder.  "Serenade por Violincelle ou Flute et Guitarre, Op. 84". I`not sure if it was intended specifically for recorder but the recorderist (what does one call a recorder player?) found that it fit on the instrument very well with no adjustments necessary. She introduced me to the music of von Call and maintained that his flute/guitar music was intended for recorder/flauto dolce but payable on other instruments. I cannot confirm this, I`m only relating her ideas.

As you know publishers titled pieces so they would sell the most copies (ie. "Violincelle ou Flute") and it seems many of the pieces were composed with that in mind as well so it might take some playing through material with your recorder player to find the ones that fit most comfortably.



I've heard of the csakan and the flageolet actually and allso the word flauto dolce rings a bell, but I've allways thought that the term Flauto dolce is something from the baroque period, but obviously not. 
Might be worth e-mailing Dr. Brian Blood - brian(at)dolmetsch.com. Knows a thing (or two) about the Recorder and it's repertoire. A very helpful chap he is.
Good idea, Michael. His name has come up before.

hi Rob

Did You find some music for the recorder/Csakan and guitar.


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