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I often wondered how big the market was for the early 19th century guitarbooks.
This rare list of subscribers found in the Molino method (1814) gives an impression.
Ca 350 subscribers mainly from France. Among these ca 75 professional musicians.
I recognise : Adam, Aimon, Benard, Berthet, Blondel, Carcassi, DaCosta, Jacobi, Pacini and Pollet.
No Sor or Carulli. A large part of the subscribers is active in the army, others are called 'amateurs'.

Picture from the Molino Method 1814.

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Lovely breasts!

Sorry. Someone had to say it ;-)

19th-century fashions were the best :-)

Mpfff. Guys!

Don't know what mpfff stands for, but I can guess!

Mezzo piano, followed by triple forte? :)

Anatomy aside, that is an interesting list. Did you notice the Dutch subscribers from Middelburg? I think I know some of the other subscribers. The chevalier de Lagoanere for instance wrote some stuff for guitar. When I have the time I can go through the list and mention the ones is know. I believe that guitar methods were sometimes printed in very small printruns and mostly used by the author himself for his (or her) students. 350 is more many some other methods, I believe.


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