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Soundboard Scholar #1 soon to appear

Dear Guitar and Vihuela People,

     I am writing a the general editor of the GFA's new "peer-reviewed journal of guitar studies," Soundboard Scholar(SbS), to invite your engagement with and your written contributions to this interesting new publication venture.

    The goal of Soundboard Scholar is to encourage, recognize, and
publish research of the highest caliber related to the guitar. Submission
guidelines are posted on the GFA Web site. Publication frequency is expected to be annual.

    As the General Editor, I see my job as primarily steering a constructive
course among four players:

  • our prospective contributors
  • the unnamed referees assigned to give submitted articles careful blind-review
  • the requirements of the journal’s production staff
  • and most importantly, our readership

The current, inaugural issue is in press at this time.  It will arrive free of charge in your mailbox (along with the quarterly Soundboard magazine) if you are a member of the GFA, otherwise you should be able to purchase single copies of the issue for $12. Here is a snapshot of the table of contents:

4 The Guitar as an “Open-Air” Instrument in the Romantic Era | by Panagiotis Poulopoulos

16 Fernando Sor on the Move in the Early 1820s | by Erik Stenstadvold

26 The Microtonal Guitars of Harry Partch | by John Schneider

38 BIBLIOGRAPHICA -- An Uncataloged Piece by Fernando Sor | by Ricardo Aleixo

Emil Heerbrugger’s Grand Grecian Military March in Facsimile | by Robert Ferguson

46 EDITORIAL: Guitar Research Resources – An Update | by Thomas Heck

Needless to say, early-guitar related research and studies (vihuela, renaissance guitar, baroque guitar, etc.) would be of special interest to me as editor. Please write if you have something interesting to propose.

Richard Long is our reviews editor, and you can contact him about reviewing or offering publications for review at: SbSreviews@guitarfoundation.org.   My own e-mail forwarder is SbS@guitarfoundation.org.

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Comment by Jelma van Amersfoort on August 25, 2015 at 13:39

Congratulations, Thomas! I am looking forward to reading the first issue. I am sure some members here would like contribute material to future issues.

Jelma van Amersfoort

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