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Sacred songs with baroque guitar accompaniment

Hello. So, im getting an idea how this site works, slowly, so if someone can tell me how or where it would be better to ask this sort of thing, that would be appreciated.
im new to baroque guitar. so new in fact that my guitar has not arrived yet. Ive been a classical guitar teacher for more than a decade, but the baroque guitar will be new to me.
I will be playing in a recital with a harpsichordist and a tenor vocalist palm sunday 2016. the harpsichordist and i will play the Boccherini introduction and fandango together, plus each will play some solo rep, I will play my modern classical guitar. but I should have my baroque guitar this calendar year, and I was hoping to find some songs I could accompany the tenor on, alfabetto, or otherwise. hopefully something textually appropriate, maybe a few. can anyone make a suggestion?

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