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Hi all,

Ian Watchorn here - just wanting to let everyone know that I have begun to publish some of my guitar and lute research in the form of 1:1 drawings of 21 selected instruments, each one accompanied by a detailed description/restoration report and photos of the instrument, both inside and outside.

Below is a list of the entire set. Some descriptions are still incomplete, but as they are finalised I am making them available through Australian Luthiers Supplies.

The link to see the first published drawing is: 


Louis Panormo 1831 Early Classical Guitar Plan (luthiersupplies.com...

Others will be available online in the near future. They all follow the basic format of the 1831 Panormo in the link above

It will take a while to complete the set but these are some of the most interesting plucked instruments I have worked on over the years and may be useful reference for my colleagues.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about the set, and also to contact the folks at Australian Luthiers Supplies to find out about time frames for the other plans becoming available.

All best wishes,

Ian Watchorn

List of Drawings and descriptions – Ian Watchorn - as of 17/08/2022

  1. Arias classical 1875
  2. AUSTIN - Lille School French 1830
  3. Guadagnini 6 string 1819
  4. Guadagnini 6 string 1829
  5. Guadagnini 7-string
  6. Guitar d'Amore - Zach
  7. Lacote double top guitar ca. 1835
  8. Pages-Joaquin 1819
  9. Panormo Guitar # 1973 - 1831
  10. Panormo Guitar # 2092 - 1844
  11. Panormo Guitar # 8029 - 1827
  12. Panorrno-Joseph/Antonio Bruno - Sor Guitar ca. 1820
  13. Panormo-Joseph-Fecit 1816.
  14. Panormo – Joseph (attrib) 1810 - 1815
  15. Roudhloff ca 1845
  16. Franz Seraph Schmidt Guitar -Legnani short scale
  17. Staufer- Legnani Iong scale
  18. Staufer- Legnani medium 607mm scale
  19. Staufer – Power House Museum - early Fabricatore model
  20. Joachim Tielke Lute (Hellwig: Ti eWV149) - 1706
  21. Voboam Baroque Guitar

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