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Jacob Stadler, Naples 1629

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Comment by Alexander Batov on March 25, 2010 at 19:33
Thanks very much for such a detailed explanation, it's all very clear. I now perfectly understand the challenges that you have faced with this restoration. Well what can I say, you did a really good work, congratulations! Perhaps one day, if time allows, you could write a more comprehensive report on this restoration (in the way you have done on some of the others); that would be mostly interesting. And many thanks for uploading the back view of this truly gorgeous guitar.
Best of luck with your work!
Comment by Sinier de Ridder on March 25, 2010 at 13:20
Hello Alexander
Sorry for my late answer, we were in Frankfurt.

Concerning the soundboard, you are quiet right, bravo. We made a new soundboard after the Stadler conserved in Roma museum on which we replace the original rosette in marquetery ebony/mother-of-pearl. Concerning the "imaginary" rose and moustaches, it is the bigger difficult we meet in a historic restoration: to juggle with the original supposed state of the instrument, the actual state (remember this guitar was converted into a 6 strings by Vissenaire c.1830 and the soundboard was very strongly sanded! less 1mm near the edges) what the new owner wants (a rosette!), what we are abble to do, and mostly what followers will read on this nice guitar in the future! I hope every body can see the bridge-mustaches-parchmin rosette (by Elena) are not original, but in a coherent esthetic (same epoch). I will add the back on the photos.
I hope my english is clear enought, do not hesitate to tell me mistakes.
All the best. Françoise
Comment by Alexander Batov on March 23, 2010 at 13:05
Hello! Very nice to see you here and many thanks for uploading the images.

Did you have to rebuild the entire soundboard on this guitar? The reason I'm asking is because the inlay design doesn't look like original ... or am I mistaken? I'd also find a Voboam-style rose replica as a rather odd choice for an Italian guitar ... Is there some evidence that you know of to support this? Also, would it be possible to see what this guitar looks like from the back? Sorry if it's too much to ask.


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