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Dear guitarists and guitar scholars,


At last I have completed my book on Francesco Molino. It is some 300 pages long, and includes chapters on the composer’s biography, his publications and his music, as well as an inventory of his works. I have tried to make that Inventory as complete as possible, also listing the copies of the works that are still extant. I suspect that among your music collections a number of original Molino works can be found of which I don’t know, and I would be very grateful if you would be so kind to give me the information. Perhaps there are even works out there that are unknown to me, for instance settings of guitar accompaniments by Molino of songs by other composers.

But even the works with opus numbers could bring surpises, as I have not seen all of them. Missing in my collection are Opp. 6 (edition Gambaro), 8, 10 (24 Walses, first installment), 22 (violin part), 24 (Ouverture de Lodoiska), 32, 37 (the Paris edition), 39 (Leipzig edition), 52 (12 nouvelles Walses), 53, 62, 63, 67, as well as Molino’s first Violin Concerto (Paris: Pleyel, 1803). I strongly suspect that some of these missing works in reality never appeared, but some of them most certainly did.

Again, I would be most grateful for any piece of information: j.w.j.burgers@uva.nl. And now I must try to find a publisher for my work.


Best wishes,

Jan Burgers.

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Wonderful, Jan. Congratulations! I look forward to reading this.

very nice to have a book about Molino. Let me know when it's in print. I will certainly buy the book.

hi Jan, i hope you will find a good publisher for your interesting project. For sure i would buy the edition!

Thanks Hans, Lars and Jelma for your encouraging words.

Dear Jan,

I suppose you already know about Molino-works in my collection. Anyway they can be found here:



I have had problems with my website lately when moving to another web host. There is still a lot of editing to do unfortunately.

I look forward to your work on Molino and wish you good luck with it!

Best wishes

Kenneth Sparr

Thanks Kenneth. Of course I know your very informative website.



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