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I know for lutes, there are historical references to using whole-number ratios and divisions for placing bars and bridges (for instance, on lutes the bridge is placed 1/6 the distance from the bottom of the soundboard). Does anyone know of any "rules" or suggestions for bar placement on the soundboards of 16th/17th century guitars? At least one photograph I've looked at for a early 17th century chitarrino has the bridge at 1/5 the distance of the soundboard, but I'm curious as to what the barring might be like...

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I found this numberratio's for more instruments.
Voboam and Stradivari for example.

Quite common:
Soundhole 1/3
Bridge 1/5
Bars: 8/9 - 4/5 - 1/2
Thanks, Jan, for this. This chitarrino also has the soundhole at 1/3.

Jan, were the bridge centers at 1/5?

I measured the bridge center at 1/5, though a recent article by Darryl Martin suggests that baroque guitar bridges are placed at the line at the center of the widest bout, EITHER with the front of the bridge on the line OR the back of the bridge on the line.

Anyone else have any insight?


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