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I am wonder if I would be able to make vihuela by myself... Do you know where can I get some "plan" of it?


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It's a little joke based on the book of Kevin Coates. Drawn on A3 paper and browned with thea to look like an old Da Vinci document.

The outline of the guitar pictured in the drawing is actually the Belchior Dias 1581.


You can find more information about this instrument on the sites of Alexander Batov (also a member of this forum) and Stephen Barber.


Thank you Jan van Cappelle:

I like this little joke, as it taunts at research I have been doing, called the geometry factor of string instruments. There are many many depictions, of violins, guitars and more trying to show a geometrical basis to the shape of these instruments, and a good foundation to the idea of how the shape was formed. Everything from clothoids, curtate cycloids, triangular theory, circle theory, and geometric ways of explaining the basic shape of the instruments. Intriguing they are, and I can see how Torres most likely applied such concepts in his designs of the more modern guitar. I do not remember where I first saw violin all engulfed in circles, but could only think of the relationship of Da Vinci when seeing it.

I am familiar with the Book of Kevin Coates, yet have not acquired a copy... hmmm

Interesting, maybe one way to concept a musical instrument. FUN to study, one step at a time to some secret lost in the winds of age.

It would be wonderful to work from an original instrument and do a replica (clone, copy, Faux) to sink my teeth into the detail of that time period.

I am glad the joke runs along the line of Da Vinci rather than say Van Gogh, I just like clear and solid lines :)

 Back to work now, someone is screaming for a Baritone Ukulele to be finished :) and will be visit this Friday to see how it is coming along.


Good day to all!







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