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Anyone knows or bought Thomann Baroque Guitar on the website?  I am tempted to buy one, it looks really good but I am worried the peg may be a problem, you need to keep tunning all the time. The tone not good and very low volume. If there is any of these problems I wouldn't be buying.

    I am not able to find out anything on this baroque guitar so please if you have any informations I would be obliged for your advice.

   Sorry folks if this question of Thomann Baroque guitar had been asked before but I went through the old questions and didn't see this question so I hope someone would be kind enough to answer.

    The price is Euro 419.00 but I think the case had to be bought separately  and freight charges also not included yet.  For Euro 419.00 is really the lowest I can find on the market.

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Hi Yong,

ask our member Zachary Taylor


about this guitar, I think he is the




Thanks Franz for the informations.

Take care about those instruments make in Pakistan, cheap but you have only for your money, as for the same source lutes: bad pegs and nuts, heavy construction, bad frets, poor finitions. Save money and buy a real instrument (some students instruments by Didier Jarny, Nicolas Petit, in France, affordable , and REAL instruments...)


Hi Valery,

     Could you give me e-mail address of Didier or Nicolas. Thanks so much for your reply.


Didier web site :


Nicolas (he was a student under Didier's direction, located in the same town)



Didier is making a very good student baroque guitar for 1400 euros.(see his diaporama for pictures)


Hello Hans,

   thank you for your reponse. I am glad I could get some ideas otherwise I would be totally in the dark.

   I don't quite understand when you said "you hear the original nylon strings which are too thick and the bourdons placed on the wong site".

   Does it comes with all nylon strings or gut strings?  Where exactly is the burdon if it is on the wrong site?  So it all depends on your luck then when buying this baroque guitar? Do it comes with the case and the gut strings? Your recording is quite good Hans.






I keep forgetting things these days. I forgot to ask you how much did you pay and the freight charges(where you live ).  I need to work out the total amount it will cost me.  Does the air-freight charges cost much?

   Much obliged for all your reponses to my questions.

I live in malaysia I guess the insurance & air-freight would probably come to about 150 US dollars.  No way for me to try those guitars to see if they are all right. 

    It's ok if soundboard not varnished or waxed, I don't mind. I wonder if I could get someone to try out the guitar for me in the UK.

     Once again thank you Hans. All the best in your baroque guitar playing.

Hi, I looked at the website. I think everything is in Germany, and it is mail-order, so the UK site is for people buying from Uk . Maybe in Germany one can try the instruments....I think it seems to be 50eur for up to 30 kg to malaysia 



Your playing is fine, Hans. Have you played many different baroque guitar to compare to the Thomann one?

Thank you Tonyyy,  50 eur is quite expensive, consider the guitar is very light probably less than 10 kilos.  Well , that's the minimun charge I guess.

   I don't really know what to do now, if I order one I run the risk of getting one that is not in good condition (especially the tone).  When I first played classical guitar I bought a cheap classical guitar but you couldn't play on that, so I had to buy another one a student classical guitar. Then I bought another one which is better than student guitar.  This one is more expensive but sounds good.

     After I listen to Baroque guitar I just love the tone so much.  Does the guarantee really works I wonder. If you are not happy at all with it do I get it change?

I dont know if its surface or airmail!


I guess any cheap guitar will probably need adjustment.Cheap classicals usually have a terrible action, but often will be very playable if set-up properly. Maybe just sanding the bridge might be enough. The less the price, the less care and time will have been spent on the little details, which is to be expected.


I bought an EMS lute (pakistan-made) and I would say it is not too bad, quite a nice sound , though was frustrating at first. Tuning was difficult as the pegs were not great. A little light sanding and the use of a  bit of graphite helped them turn better. And the nut was too high and the courses badly spaced I improved this myself (though a luthier would have done a better job much more quickly) Even so when I have tried other lutes  they were easier to play -  a 1000 eur student lute was significantly better.


So if you get one you might expect to need to  get it adjusted (I think a guitar repairer would be fine)


Does the guarantee really works I wonder. If you are not happy at all with it do I get it change?

there is a FAQ section on the website which you would need to read
Believe me, 50 Euros is extremely cheap. It's not just the weight but also the size of the box. If I send a Guitar within Europe (air freight) it's more like 200 Euros!


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