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Hy guys!
I´m a newbee but maybe someone here also is a member at Delcamp´s?
Anyway, I´m putting a programm together exclusively with Italian guitar- and lutemusic. I always like to link past (first part of programme) and present (second part) which in this case means playing among other things Galilei (Polymnia and Saltarello) and Roncalli (Passacaglia g-minor) and as a link Respighi (the so called "Variazioni") and Tedesco´s "Passacaglia Ommagio a Roncalli". Now, I have three or four transcriptions of Roncalli and Galilei (Chilesotti of course) but no tablature! Can someone help me out? A tab of Polymnia and g-minor passacaglia?? Please??

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Hey, thanxalot!
I´ll play it at once and tell you how it worked out!
Took me some time, but here is Chilesotti´s first volume of his "Biblioteka di Rarità Musicali" containing Fabritio Caroso´s "Nobilità di Dame" and Cesare Negri´s "Le gratie d´amore".


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