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hello friends, 

I am looking to the staff notation score of these two pieces: 

François Le Cocq : Chaconne (C major)

Francisco Guerau : Marionas (C major). 

I have always played them from the tablature and now a musicologist at a lecture where I am going to play them, is asking for those pieces in staff notation to talk about. 

Do you have any idea of where I can find them? 

Thank you, 


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The Guerau has been published in a complete transcription by Thomas Schmitt by the Spanish publisher Editorial Alpuerto. I don' think anyone has done a transcription of the LeCocq.

Thank you for the info. In the meanwhile I have taken pencil and paper and made the transcription. Just the real notes of the tablature according to a "French tuning" for Le Cocq and with a bass A for Guerau.

That's always the best thing to do!


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