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I've acquired a lyre guitar that appears to be dated 1801, Lavary Fils A Paris

Does anyone have any experience with these such that you can recommend weak points or other issues I might want to be aware of as I bring it up to string tension? It seems to be in quite good shape.

Also, anyone familiar with this builder and can share any information? Thankyou. 

I will try to post pictures but they seem to be too large to load.....

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Probably Savary, a known instrument maker. Google "Savary luthier". Congratulations, a very attractive instrument!

If when I'm able to peer in with an endoscope I find loose braces, it would seem one ought to go in through the bottom, and I'm guessing first step is to remove the base edging with care. Again, if anyone has done this and can advice, I'd appreciate it.

Hello Christopher, in fact this guitar was made in Mirecourt (like just maybe 80% of the guyitars of this period) and the bracing is probably closed to this one …… the soundholes are typically from Mirecourt, 

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