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I have edited a clean, readable copy of the Santa Cruz manuscript. It's now posted on IMSLP at http://imslp.org/wiki/Libro_donde_se_ver%C3%A1n_pazacalles_de_los_o...(Santa_Cruz,_Antonio_de)

For those who aren't aware of this manuscript the original is nearly unreadable due to ink that transferred onto the facing pages. If you want to compare my copy to the original you can find a scan of the original at http://www.dolcesfogato.com/Music/Baroque_guitar/Livro_donde_se_ver...

I have tried to return this music to its original appearance, as much as is possible, and I hope that people will enjoy playing it.

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Apparently IMSLP isn't making the file available yet so for now it's also at http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/586791/Santa%20Cruz.pdf  

Sorry for the ads on there. It's better than nothing until IMSLP lets it be available.

Thank you very much for cleaning this facsimile. Your work is very helpful!

dear Kat

to get the file i had to search directly from IMSLP - Santa Cruz - that worked very well.

Very good job! Thank you for sharing.


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