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Dear All,

I got the email asking for donations and I would be happy to contribute. Alas, entering an amount and confirming with "enter" leads to


Got an invalid secure token (null)


Powered by Jetty://

Well, this is pretty vague as the error number is un-specific and - alas - it indicates a . 

It would be nice, if somebody can look into this. If the account in question is European I would also be happy to know an IBAN/BIC combination.

Best regards,


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I tried to donate, but also failed.

Sorry, "it indicates a" should, of course, read "it indicates a server sided error." Meaning, that a faulty server configuration is given, but it is unclear whether this is the ning-server or the donate server.

We will look into this!

Solution for you guys.

I had no problems using firefox (latest version) on window 7.

However, I did just discover, if I put in an amount and hit the enter key I get the same error. But if you put the amount in and then click the "Donate" below it works fine and takes you to paypal.

try this, it should work.


Just made a donation without any issue (using Chrome).

Hope this will help to keep the forum alive; I only wish it could be a little more active, with fresh new scores.

All the best,


Yep, that's the point: One can work around it, yet there is a server-sided bug. (not OS- or browser-related; I'm using various flavors of linux and different browsers).


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