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New edition of the complete lute music published by Pierre Phalèse

Hi all,

I am proud to announce that in August 2023 will appear my edition of all lute music published by Pierre Phalèse 1545-c.1575, to be published by the Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis in cooperation with the Nederlandse Luitvereniging. The work, in three volumes, comprises a critical edition of some 1200 pieces, mostly for lute solo and some for two or three lutes, together with an Introduction and a commentary to each piece. Enclosed is a flyer with more information, and the address for early subscription. NB: Subscribers are much needed to have a sound financial basis for the edition, and early birds get a discount as well as the possibility to purchase an extra lute book (Thysius facsimile, Vallet facsimile or Van den Hove complete edition) at an incredibly low price.

All the best,

Jan Burgers

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