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There is a new CD with guitar compositions by women composers from the 19th century: 'Wake the Sigh', recorded by Emma Rush and played on (what looks to be) a Stauffer replica guitar by Miodrag Zerdoner. It features music by Emilia Giuliani (1813-185), Julia Piston (c. 1800-1842), Catherina Pratten (1824-1895) and others. Recommended!

See it here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Wake-Sigh-Emma-Rush/dp/B08PW2H8ZG/ref=sr_1_1...

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Thank you Jelma,

Indeed, a much neglected and enjoyable repertoire. I especially welcomed Pratten's contributions in a typical style of the later Victorian period - still much unexplored.

This link allows listening to the works and also lists the composers


Martyn Hodgson


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