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New Album - Fernando Sor: The Art Of The 19th-century Guitar

My new album has just been released - download only from iTunes, Amazon (soon) and CD Baby, where you can hear excerpts.


If you like Mozart, Schubert and the guitar, there is a good chance you will love the music of Fernando Sor. 

I use the type of guitar Sor played, a Lacote (by Michael N. of this site), with Aquila gut and silk strings, played, like Sor, with the flesh of the fingers rather than nails, and tried to get as close to Sor's technique as I could. 

I've set the price low! 

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Click this link to hear excerpts: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robmackillop3



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Does it work now?

Thanks, Hans. Yes, it is a very good instrument. Made my job a lot easier!

I'd like to buy the album but would like to make sure if any uncompressed format (of CD quality) is available.


There is no CD. It is just a download album. Sorry. Still worth hearing, though :-)


thanks for the reply.  I bought the album from CD baby just now.  Thank you for including the Lesson No.32, Op.31which has been one of my favorite since you had post the video on Panormo copy.  :)

Thanks, Akira.

My pleasure (literally!).  Sorry for the typo.  I meant Lesson No. "23", Op 31...a nice pair of prime numbers.

Congratulations for your CD. Only some few details I like. Op.35-1: a beautiful phrasing. In this way it should be played - yes. Op.60-3: This IS the perfect guitar sound! Op.31-2: Yes, that must be it: In the second part of the piece for once we can hear the two voices. Very good. Chapeau.

Best, Thomas

Thanks, Thomas. Appreciated.

I bought the "CD" from CDBaby, even though I have most of these in other versions; they sound so much better on ER guitar! You play with style and assurance, and the phrasing on many of the pieces brings a new perspective to music I thought I already knew.

You are clearly an intelligent, beautiful and enlightened individual :-)

And you are a Scholar and a Gentleman ;) But honestly, your website has been a big help to me, and I always enjoy listening to your music.


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