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I'm looking for tabs... Logy baroque guitar.

I have some edited by Michael Treder, but would like to know if there are more music for baroque guitar, and where to find the originals ?

Thanks for help...


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Try to upload to a "cloud site" like mediafire, then share the link here... ;-)



The MS contains 44 Logy pieces which finish on fol. 43,  followed by a larger amount of anonymous works.

Looking forward to seeing some of these on Youtube ;-)

Hi Gavin, thanks a lot for that!

Great thanks ;-)

thank you very much  gavin  it's great and nice

dears friends,  i began to play some pieces of the manuscript 77 and i am very enjoie  a lot  of allemandes, courantes , menuets , gigues  in A or G or D are very nice, we can see the signature of logy, but  when i play this music it's like i play luth, i think it's a music for luth but it 's nice to play with guitar, logy was guitarist? or this manuscript is a translation by another personn it's my question,when i will ready i will make some video  of logy pieces.   

Dear Valery,

I have found the Logy facsimile from the Moravske zemske muzeum in the Delcamp guitar site.

It includes many pieces for baroque guitar and mandora.


Without doubt this is a very rare manuscript and for another time we have to thank Mr. Delcamp.



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