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I'm looking for tabs... Logy baroque guitar.

I have some edited by Michael Treder, but would like to know if there are more music for baroque guitar, and where to find the originals ?

Thanks for help...


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Thanks... ;-)

I'm more interested in original sources (fac simile or trustable modern tab) Treder did a good job I think, but I need to check. Guitar transcriptions (I played some when young) are often too much  "arranged" so...

The originals are in the Prag National Library, anyone from Prag here ??? ;-)))
I have post some videos from the suites IX and VII on Youtube, using Michael Treder intabulations. I don't know his sources but it is quite different for some pieces from the guitar transcriptions I saw. That's why I would like to see the originals, as guitar transcriptions are (often) not trustable.

Dear Val

The tabulatura.de (german site) used to have all the suites from the National/University library in Prag. But now they are gone - I dont know why (I downloaded them a couple of years ago). But I think you can still find them in the internetarchive here: http://replay.waybackmachine.org/20090502021919/http://www.tabulatu... Losy: Tabulaturen für Barockgitarre

Hope it works:-) if it doesnt - tell me and i'll find another way in

Thanks, that's the tabs I already have since a few years too.

I recorded from these tabs. I was just wondering where to find the originals...

I just posted a usable, if not scholarly, version of the Losy "Suite in a minor" at http://www.drdrbill.com/music.html.

Hello, Valery, is this subject still actual?

Hi Jiri, yes, I'm looking for fac simile, if available, and more music (if there is) than the files posted by M. Treder. I already have the modern tabs by M. Treder as were posted on his site (but not available any more, as he is publishing it for an editor... But I'm always interested to check wit sources...

Hi Valery, Losy's pieces for baroque guitar are in former Prague MSS II Kk 77 and X Lb 209 of National Museum.  The MS Kk77 was formerly part of Lobowicz lute and guitar collection, during communistic times held in National library, but after 1989 returned back to Lobkowicz family. Now it dwells together with other collections in castle of Nelahozeves northwest from Prague owned by Mr, Nicolaus Lobkowicz. He closed it to public first, but now the tablatures are available for scholars, but for a high fee. The other is, if I am not wrong in National Museum in Prague. However, it is possible to rent both sources from Lute Society of America microfilm library as a microfilm (10 USD each + ship cost). Another option is I will be going to National museum soon to photograph X Lb 209 together with other staff. I play lute, but last week I have ordered my baroque guitar and completely starting with baroque guitar music now. Absolutely no way Losy would miss in my library ;-) I am Losy admiror since my youth and being newly baroque guitarist, I will do everything to get both guitar sources as soon as possible. So if you will not be able to get it sooner, this is second option.

Guys, I have checked things and it looks both sources are in Nelahozeves. 209 was in the National museum, but was Lobkowicz property too. I will check it tomorrow. 
Guys, I have checked things and it looks both sources are in Nelahozeves. 209 was in the National museum, but was Lobkowicz property too. I will check it tomorrow. 

Hello Valery (and everyone). I just joined and noticed this thread. I have a PDF copy of MSII. Kk. 77 which I would be only to happy to share if you are still interested. Not sure what delivery method one would use (file is 22mb) but do let me know.


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