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For vihuelists in search of a new instrument, there are two vihuelas, one by Daniel Larson and the another by Evaristo Bretos, listed on eBay. Just select "Musical Instruments" and type "lute" in the search box. You'll find both listings and several photographs. I cannot vouch for either of these instruments, but the shipping cost at $100.00 is a bit too high for my liking.

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Hi, This must have been in the UK? Can you bring it up, it may be still in "completed listings" I looked up Daniel Larson, found this album with samples, very nice.

The two vihuela eBay listings seemed to have disappeared overnight, which strikes me as a tad curious. I have the Valderrano vihuela duet CD and I agree that it's a true delight. Best, Marc.
It seems that the Spanish-made vihuela has resurfaced on eBay. The luther, Evaristo Bretos, is not is a familiar name to me. I don't want to put others off, but since the vihuela is largely a conjectural instrument, I would be a tad anxious about buying one I had not played, especially from an eBay site, where cardboard lutes, tourist trap ouds, and dubious pipas abound.



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