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Im thinking there is an interesting role of the guitar in the development of chord based harmony.....Im just working through an idea here......Any suggestions for reading material would be appreciated. I am sorry if Im not asking this particularly clearly. 

As a classical and jazz/pop/ blues/ whatever guitarist in my early music educational journey, I had a clear idea  (so I thought) about the role of chords in melodic music..... the idea of a melody fitting over a chord progression... this is not a particularly complicated concept, and its absolutely foundational to understanding a huge amount of western music.

When I was a student in music school, my thinking was "corrected" for classical music...

Harmony was what happened when multiple melodies coincide...counterpoint...

this was how s"serious music" was written. a chord progression with melodies that fit over them was just the pop musicians aproach....

so what I'm looking for is some reading material about the early history of the chord progression approach to harmony, in contrast to the counterpoint approach. 

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