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I joined recently at the suggestion of someone I communicated with on the internet, to hopefully get information on a guitar I got a few years ago. It came to me in a shopping bag, a gift from someone I was buying some machinery from for my shop, and it had seen better days. I appears to be early 19th century, and is marked Grobert A Paris on the headstock and the neckblock inside. 
Is anyone familiar with how he signed his instruments? It has no label, and is in restorable condition.
It has similarities to the few I have found pictures of, but have found few to make comparisons.
I would appreciate any feedback you may have.

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Hello Joel

Nicolas Grobert is one of the best guitar-maker of the middle 19th century. He worked first a short time in Paris and came back to Mirecourt to manage a little workshop of lutherie (guitars). His son was a secretary for the biggest shop in Paris: J.B. Vuillaume. He leaved one guitar very well known signed by Paganini and Berlioz on the soundboard, now preserved in Paris museum "La Villette". Other guitars are in some collections and still played by guitarists. Often the brand is difficult to found, and sometimes guitars are un-branded. Grobert Nicolas had a brother, Augustin, who made also some guitars… Wich one of the 2 brothers made yours?

Best regards

Hello Joel,

What's new about your nice Grobert? 

We should be very happy to restore it or to buy it before restore, are you seller?

In any case best whishes and happy new year…

Françoise and Daniel

Hello, nice to hear from you,
I have not yet worked on the Grobert. I'm not sure I want to sell it, but I will consider an offer if you would like to make one.


If you want to sell it take it to a reputable auction house - that way you'll ensure the best price.


Thank you for your advice. At this point I don't want to sell it.

well said ! War against sharks ...

Hello Joel,

We can offer 5000$ for your Grobert, before all the work to do.

What do you think?

Best whishes and happy 2015,



I know very well this excellent guitar-maker; he had a iron brand put under the bar under the sound hole (opposite face, use a minor) and sometimes in a difficult place to see, somewhere in the body. Most often he didn't brand his guitars because he made instruments to be sold in "smart" or "well-known" shop in Paris, or Lyon, etc…… He had a particular bracing and that is the important thing concerning this luthier, his particular making > particular sound…… I never saw a brand on the head! May I have a photo? best regards



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