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historic guitar circa 1840s. Evidence of a few past repairs and wear, but in good working order, robust and stable. Big bright sound.

Original friction pegs.

redone square brass frets.

59cm string length.

nut width: 46mm

distance between bottom of first string and top of 12th fret: 3.5mm

Comes in a hard case.

Located in Portland, Oregon.


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Hi Chris, I just noticed it looks like you have this guitar back on the market.  I have moved to Eugene so maybe we can have a visit one of these days, and it would be fun to check out the guitar in person.  edwardsguitar@gmail.com  


I would have interest in a short scale romantic. 

Let me know,



I would be interested in this short scale. I have 1 other at 60cm. I play a lot of violin... so this is perfect for my playing.

Can you send me pictures... ?



Please let me know. Interested...

Nice size for me...




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