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early romantique terz guitar by Laurent in Paris circa 1820

For sale : terz early roamntique guitar

by french maker Laurent in Paris circa 1820


guitar in full playable condition. I used it many years for recordings in duet and concerts.

the instrument is in france in tours (37000)

price 2000€ 

please contact me for more info.

(other pictures in attached files)

français : 

A vendre : guitare à la tierce du luthier Laurent, Paris, circa 1820

l'instrument est en parfait état de jeu. Il m'a servi pour des concerts et enregistrements en duo.

prix : 2000€

contactez moi pour plus d'infos

(d'autres photos jointes)

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Do You have some soundsamples I can hear

Hello Lars,

Yes I have. You can find it on my duet website : www.duo-chauvet-altmayer.com

in teh media player you can hear some recordings in duet using this guitar : "la clémence de titus" arranged by Giuliani, some Mertz music and an historical arrangement of a string quartet of Beethoven.

kind regards


Hello Hans,

I've joined in attached files a picture of the label, stamped on the soundboard, but in mine there is no label inside.

The name of Laurent is not very clear, but I think perhaps with a "t"... see by yourself!

with best wishes,


Dear Florian,
Has this guitar been restored?

Kind regards,
Izhar Elias


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