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Hello all! I'm working on the dedillo technique and wondered if any of you know of anywhere online where dedillo is discussed besides Ralph Maier's excellent page? or have any advice themselves? any ideas/thoughts are welcome. Also anyone know of recordings where it can be heard (I think I hear it on Jacob Herinmang's and Katherine King's 'el maestro' disk.)

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Accidentally I stumbled over a Youtoube clip of an interview of El Cortesano (Ariel Abramovics vihuela & José Hernández-Pastor countertenor)
at 7:08 - 7:15 in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36DU78X2uTY you can see and hear a nice close-up of Ariel's dedillo-technique.
Ariel doesn't actually use the dedillo technique here, just alternating thumb-index strokes.


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