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They seem to be a very economical source for gut strings. Has anyone tried them?

If so, varnished or unvarnished? any thoughts?

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I keep adding things to general discussion that really belong in baroque guitar. please help, and forgive me, mr moderator.

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Thank you very much, Mrs moderator :-)

Yes. I bought a few fair lengths of their gut, actually quite a lot. Sounds perfectly good to my ears and I've tried most (but not quite all) of the world's gut string suppliers. I also tried it on a violin, running up against an expensive Pirastro. Unfortunately a hand injury has meant that I haven't been able to gauge how consistent they are. What few lengths I tried were good, plucked and bowed. What I bought were primarily for romantic guitars, so not quite as thin as found on a baroque guitar.

I'm fairly sure I bought unvarnished but will have to check.


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