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Does anyone know of a progressive method for baroque guitar?  I have James Tyler's book "A Guide to the Baroque Guitar" which is an excellent introduction and source but it is not a method for learning or teaching.  I am aware of a book in German by Prof Johannes Monno "Die Barokgitarre" (Tree Edition Lubeck) but it appears to be an introduction also. One the website of a Spanish Publisher El Gato Murr there is reference the intended publication of a "Nuevo metodo para la guitarra barroca" by Prof Thomas Schmitt who may be a member of this forum and which from its description certainly appears to be designed as a progressive method. Its publication was planned for 2014 but it seems that it never appeared. There are methods for lute, notably Damiani "Method for the Renaissance Lute" and I understand that many of the techniques are similar so that might be a starting point.  Given the increasing interest in the baroque guitar I certainly think there is an opening for such a progressive method.  

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Hello Monica,

Where might I obtain a copy of the 19 Easy to Intermediate pieces.  I did a search on the title and came up with Amazon at $275.00.  Is that the correct price?

Goodness gracious me - NO!!! You can obtain a copy from the Lute Society via their web site which is www.lutesociety.org It cost £5 for members and £7 for others I think - I haven't checked. 

Thanks for the reply Monica.  I just ordered from the Lute Society

FWIW I added a review on the Amazon page to warn potential buyers of the inflated price and giving a link to the U.K. lute society.  I couldn't review the content as I haven't finished building my guitar yet ;o)


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