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Hello friends,

I have a question. Just few days ago I decided to buy baroque guitar - I didnt wanted to buy sth expensive for start , so I choose the thomann's one. I played many different, old instruments in my life - from guitars, violins to nyckelharpas - and I can say: this pakistan baroque guitar is not the worst choice for start (quality of the instrument comparing to price).

I discovered some literature for ex. "a guide to play a baroque guitar". I can play that tunes but... I have a feeling that it's prepared for those who can read bg tabs etc. 
I would like to go step by step. From the very, very beginning. Just to get the philosophy of the instrument, new reading etc.

is there sth like a baroque guitar bible for people like me?

all the best

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Hello Adalbert, I think that this is considered the standard book about baroque guitars:http://www.amazon.de/The-Guitar-Its-Music-Renaissance/dp/0199214778...

or maybe this is better: http://www.amazon.de/Playing-Baroque-Guitar-Publications-Institute/...

Thank you very much.
I already have the second one - it's great, but as the author said himself its for more advanced bg players. I'm working with this book but for instance I have a huge problems with tabs - opposite to what I know from classical guitar. It's so frustriting... ;))
I mean I know that I have to learn new tab - but it would be great to go through very very basic stuff. This is lovely book but without elementary examples.

Hi Adalbert, maybe you can find some useful info here..., also maybe there is a baroque guitar player or teacher near where you live who can help you get started? As to tablature, it does take time... I'd say give yourself a few months... :-)

Great! This link is very useful!
Seems that I will have to give myself some time to get used to new tabs. Patience, patience... ;)

Meantime I found sth like this:

Seems to be really interesting.

Thank you very much!

You might consider the Gaspar Sanz manuscript.  I believe there are many sources for it online. He begins with alfabeto (chords) for various dance forms that were popular at the time.  Maybe if you learn the chords, and listen to recordings of other players performing the same dance forms, then you could start to get a feel for things.  I'm sure you can find recordings of Espanoletas, Villanos, Folias, and others...  Many on this web site!  But you must be sure to listen to Baroque guitar performances, not classical guitar.

Sanz also has a page of simple punteado -- finger picking -- that can introduce you to more.  The first page is all very short pieces.  And he does explain how to read the tablature -- if you need help with translation, I'm sure you can find it here. 

One bit of advice I can offer from my own experience.  The instrument is quite different from the modern guitar.  You should start learning pieces that you have never played on the modern instrument.  Your right hand must get un-used to the modern arrangement of strings, and you have to think of the lowest string on G or D...  That takes some getting used to.  As for the reversed tablature (Spanish and Italian), well, you just have to work at it.  Start with short pieces so you can enjoy complete musical ideas in one sitting.

thanks for detailed ansver!
i will go through Sanz defenetly - i tried to play his tunes on a romantic guitar but niw it's like other world. different philosophy, articulation (and not having E :))

is there a one volume where I can find his completed theoretic and other works?
I know i can find somebhere and there but as far i couln't ger the Sanz completed.
The same is with other tabs - some scans here, some there but there is nothing like "baroque guitar bible" what I think would be fantastic. I know that on this forum, there are people who could write, collect it easly ;)
i was wrong - there arebtwo volumes of his works and as it's mentioned - there are also oryginal baroque guitar tabs. it's not as bad as I though, but anyway "bg bible" would be welcomed ;)

I guess you will have to make your own Big Baroque Guitar Bible :-)

Great!!! I'm in :)))

Hi I'm in the same boat have just got my first baroque guitar and am  finding James Tylers book a good start .Would like to know where to get some tab repertoire from though.

Have you looked through the scores posted here? Members have left quite a bit of excellent work for all to use.




There's also this:



Thanks for the info Scot..


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