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Hello to all,

This worn old instrument is waiting on my desk, and I have no idea what it should be. Saddle repair and crack fixing is ongoing. I do not believe in a vintage 12 string german  "Wandergitarre", so please let me know about your thoughts!! Many thanks in advance, Michael.

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I can’t see any photos?

It does look very much like early 20th century German or Austrian. Maybe an instrument that should be played with mandolins?

A proper photo of the label would probably help. 

I've just noticed this old posting.

Pure speculation of course, but it may be a German invented instrument based very roughly on the Peruvian charango but with six courses rather than the usual  five. The trade name Yambras (see label) may have been chosen to give some sort of credence to its origin:  Yambrasbamba is a district of the Peruvian Bongará Province



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