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British Library has launched a webpage with Facsimiles of 300 Volumes with early music - 16th century. Among them Le Roy's 5 books for Rennaissance Guitar - which for long have been out of print. For Renaissance Guitar check also the Lutebook of Barberiis with the 4 Fantasies on the last pages. And of course a lot of Lute Music - probably all of Da Milano, Melchior de Barbariis, Bianchini, Phalese and some in German tab, etc...



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Sorry - forgot to put the link:-)

Here it is: http://digirep.rhul.ac.uk/access/home.do


unfortunately it seems impossible to download them...

You can print them one page at a time.  If you need the whole thing, download page by page and print them to a pdf file.  Then you  put them together in one file.  Long and boring, but possible.


yes - but this is only possible if you click on the "fileviewer" next to the document - rightclick then on the document and then copy - you can put it directly into Word - you can then decide the size yourself or just save it to your pc as Juan said and use it from there - but yes one document at a time...


Well, it's up to you to chose if you need the whole thing or if you can do with just a few pieces.

I already printed one piece and I am really having fun playing it.

I made PDFs of the manuscripts (3 LeRoy, one by Brayssing) if anyone is interested.
i am.
PM sent.
I've uploaded the PDFs to my page.

great job!! I am downloading right now.


Thank you for this valuable addition that it is out of print for so many years.


Dear Michael,

thank you for pointing out this link and especially for the out of print books for the Renaissance Guitar.

I wish we could find somewhere and the other out of print books by Morlaye and Gorlier!



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