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I play my Dan Larson vihuela in G with several recorder playing friends and find myself wishing more and more for that low F. Rather than tune down and have to learn all new fingerings, I'd rather buy a 7-course instrument.

So far, I've had no luck with Google searches, except to find this group which is a great success in itself! Can anyone here help me locate such a beast?

Best regards to all,


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I know Sebastian Nunez just made a very beautiful 7 string vihuela. Maybe you can mail him and ask or pictures? You'll find him at: http://home.hetnet.nl/~sebas-vero/.
Thank you, Jelma, for your response. I have looked at Sebastian's website and will contact him as you suggest. I hope to find an existing instrument for sale so I won't have to wait for one to be built for me, but, alas, that may not be possible.

Thank you also for your offer of friendship, which I have gladly accepted :-)
Hello Don,
I will be making 7-course vihuela for one of my customers sometime later this year; a 59cm String Length instrument based on the 'Chambure' vihuela body. It has a fairly wide body width which suits 7-course configuration rather well. Just to get an idea what I mean, you can see some images of my 6-course 'Chambure' version here:


It's also worth to mention that the original 'Chambure' vihuela was converted, sometimes during its life, to 7-courses by addition of an extra slot in the bridge! So there is some good historical justification here.

A lower priced flat back version, if that's what you are looking for, is also possible.

Thank you for the reply, Alexander. A flat back would be fine. I'm more interested in sound than appearance ;-)

If I ordered one from you, how long would I have to wait to receive it?
Hi Don,

Please let me know your email address and I'll answer you with more details. You can find my on the 'Contact' page of my web site: http://www.vihuelademano.com/contact.htm



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