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There are basically two Music Players on this site: the one on the Main page and the one on your My Page. You can upload to the My Page one easily, but (to my surprise) I am the only one who can upload to the player on the Main page - because I am the administrator.

There is also a bandwidth limitation. It is better to just link to files which are already on your own external website. However, some of you don't have a website to upload to, in which case you can upload to this site, but please make sure it is an mp3 file and not a huge wav file. I don't yet know if the Music Player can play files other than mp3, such as wmp or aiff. I always save my sound files as mp3 files, that way everyone can play them.

So, if you want your files on the Main page (as well as your My Page) you must send me the url to where the file is on your own site. I'd rather not upload files to the Main Page which are already on your My Page.

Although I am the administer, this is your site, not mine, so please tell me if you don't like this arrangement. If enough of you moan, then I'll change it. I would like sound files other than my own on the Main page, so please contribute.

The alternative is to remove the Music Player from the Main page altogether, leaving the ones on the My Page, but I think it is nice to have music on the Main page.

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Hi Rob,
I enoy 'our' site very much. Thanks for the good work. As far as I'm concerned your solution is fine. Slim chance I'll be asking to put my sound-clips op the main player.
I'm excercising very hard to be able to supply some sound impressions of my instruments but when I do that I might want to put them as far away as possible so My Page will be fine.
I look forward to hearing them. We can all support each other.
I've uploaded a couple of recordings of the 4c guitar and the vihuela.
Mainly to give an impression of the sound of the instruments - and my moderate skill....-.
About the guitar pieces:
the Branle simple... is from 'Primier livre de tabulature de guiterre'
I think the Branle de Pictou is from the 'Tiers livre de tabulature de guiterre'.
La bella pelledrina is an arangement I've found on Arto Wikla's website.
(My strumming is not up to the standard of this website but i'm working on it)
The Pavana of Mudarra can be found on the lute pages of Waine Cripps.
Une jeune fillette is a simple arrangement I made on the well known tune (a.k.a. La Monica)
For the vihuela I got a whole pile of music from the website josquin.musickshandmade.com
¿Qu'es de ti desconsolado? is a 3-part song by Juan del Encina. I've transcribed it to (french) tablature to be able to find the notes - most of them - on the vihuela.

The sound of the high g of the vihuela is a bit thin. (maybe a heavier string. This one is 0.40 mm nylgut.
The low G and c are both without an octave string. The c is wound nylgut (DE type) of 1.04. The winding is already wearing off. Maybe a plain nylgut string would work as well.
The fretboard and frets still need some final tuning, but I want to do that after the instrument has been played for some time.
Hi Rob,

Is it possible to list other members music-clips uploaded to this site or linked in their playlists? The only way I know to find other peoples music is to open their member page.
It seems to be the only way. It's nice to visit other people's pages...


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