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I have added my edition of the 7 guitar pieces in the Hedevig Mörner Ms. to my member page. (Sweden: Skara: Stifts- och Landsbiblioteket, Katedralskolans musiksamling 468)

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The Mörner has been updated, correcting a bass note error in the Folies.

Falconieri was known to have been a guitarist. I have arranged one of his lute pieces and uploaded it to my member page.

A few Kapsberger arrangements also uploaded. Not nearly as interesting (or successful) as Timo's!
Thanks for the fantastic music. A question about the Morner. Any idea about the performance practice style? Specifically, would their separe (sp?) be played straight (quarter note = bass note then treble played as equal eighths) or more dotted in the French style?

I would consider Perrine's performance suggestions. The guitar portion of the Morner manuscript has ornaments "written out" in places where other manuscripts might have used appoggiatura symbols. I use the writing as a starting point for determining how to play the separe markings. For example, in the Schaccon, the smallest note value is an eighth with no dotted character in the writing. Here I tend to play the separe rather equally. In the Menuets, there are some sharper rhythms and dotted eighth-sixteenth figures. Here I tend to incorporate more dotted separe playing. In actual performance I try to be somewhat elastic (all eighth notes are created equally) and add variety to my musical choices.
A second collection of Kapsberger solos has been added to my member page. The pieces are Toccata seconda arpeggiata (in three alternate arrangements), Colascione, and Piva.
The Kapsberger Solos 2 has been updated with revisions to the Toccata seconda arpeggiata.
I have uploaded an edition of the cittern from the Edvard Storm notebook to my Ning page:
The PDF file contains edited tab with a transcription, plus 2 transpositions for guitar. Some of the pieces would work for baroque guitar (with a low fifth) if the low notes are played an octave higher.
Some of the titles are not clear to me, so I would be happy to hear if anyone has suggestions as to the spellings. I have included on page in the PDF with text examples and the problematic titles.
Edvard Storm PDF updated with title suggestions by Arthur Ness.
An updated version of the Storm Ms has been uploaded to my member page.
An edition of three pieces by Asiola has been added to my member page.
Another update has been made to the Storm Ms edition.
A Campion Passacaille and Valdambrini's 1646 Toccatas have been uploaded to my member page. Enjoy!


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