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Hi all, my old Music School at the University of Western Australia is looking to sell an original Panormo guitar from 1816 that is currently being restored by Ian Watchorn in Melbourne. Does anyone know anything about valuing these instruments, or could recommend who to contact, or would anyone be interested in making an offer?
cheers, Matt

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I'll give you £50...



They are worth what someone is willing to pay. But generally speaking and depending on the condition, prices are comparable to the cost of a good modern instrument or reproduction and up. More if the providence of the instrument can be varified.


IMO original Luis Panormo guitars are largely overpriced for a number of reasons, not the least of which, there are still a good number out there to be had. Also, most began life as shop instruments, quickly built with little attention to detail, to fill the growing demand by the amature public for the new "Spanish" guitar.   

Dear Matt

Ian Watchorn should be able to give you an estimate when he is finished with the restoration. After that, take some very good and detailed photos and post them on appropriate websites (like here!) and you will get offers. Otherwise, you could sell through an auction house or dealer. Original Panormos do come up regularly and many of them are very good in my opinion, and highly valued especially by modern classical guitar players, because these instruments are relatively similar to modern guitars. They sell for between ca. 2.000 and 8.000 euros depending on the condition, quality and sound. If you need more info please email me privately or send me a private message.

Jelma van Amersfoort

la voix de la sagesse!

I also have a Louis Panormo guitar at Nugent Guitars and this too was restored by Ian Watchorn, who did an amazing job. You may find this research paper by gary Southwell very useful and interesting. I think the Panormo guitar is actually under valued at the moment. If the Panormo guitar comes with the necessary provenance then I agree with Jelma Van Aversfort that it should easily sell for up to €8000.


Any photos?

I am interested but would need you to send me the price you wish to realise for the guitar.



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