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The Sabionari Stradivarius guitar (1679) - Recording "De Visée: Pieces pour la guittarre"

www.sabionari.com - Krishnasol Jimenéz recording the CD "De Visée: Pieces pour la guittarre" released from Brilliant Classics on 1 march 2013. http://www.bri...

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Comment by Theo on January 11, 2014 at 11:10

This is the most exquisite guitar playing I have ever heard!

The instrument sounds extraordinary, but the performer shows an uncommon sensitivity to Viseé's music.

So manny baroque guitar performers today strum chords as if it is some kind of flamenco guitar, which within 3 bars become a massive cliché that makes me dislike so many recordings. Ta-di-klaang, ta, ta di-klaaassh...

And here, finally is someone who can find the expressive nature in the combination of plucked and strummed, with infinite variety in the interpretation of the strummed notes. Bravo, bravo, bravo!

Absolutely magnificent; thank you for making my day with this stunning performance!


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