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When i first saw the guitar from a chain of random events at an private collector, i went home to research the little one.

I knew that i wanted the guitar and that it would be in my possesion at some point. But at first, and for many months, the old man in his 80's didn't want to sell it. It was a little trophy in his collection.

Sadly, it wasnt playable and was strung with a few metal strings. (This was a deep pain for me, knowing that everyday i didn't have the guitar, it would be tortured by the strings)

I got home and found a guitar similar to the one. (At this point i didn't know anything about romantic guitars Or the danish luthier who build it.)

Well, i saw a guitar that lokked prety closed, and found, that the guitar was made by Jens Nielsen Gade. I then found a guitar on Den Blå Avis, which is like an Danish Ebay.com

The price of the guitar was around 3000 Euro. I read, that there was at the moment only known to exist about 30 of theese guitars. I needed that guitar!
But not entirely for the money, but for the art and history of the guitar.

For me, the guitar is a piece of art and it was a shame, that it would be hidden away in a building for so long, while no one knew what it was.

It is indeed hard to make this story short, and i have not yet been able to do so while telling many people of the events of my guitar collecting. Maybe it's impossible, i dont know.

Anyway, after many months of hard work to get my hand on it i finally earned the friendship and trust of the man, and got to buy it.

BUT to my great sadness i saw, that the label inside the guitar wasn't of Jens Nielsen Gade. It was some other guy from Copenhagen (But that is an whole other story)

I took the chance and bought it anyway. At that time i had already sold my old vintage moped to get the guitar.

I got home and was so happy for the purchase.

I would indeed like to say, that after some oldtimey Danish hillbilly negotiation of the price i got the guitar for 3500 Danish Kroner which is 470 Euro.

After many days of looking at the guitar and fearing it's condition and that it wouldnt be playable i found something interesting.

To inform you all, the condition of the guitar was somewhat sad.
Someone had tried to fix it, atleast 50-70 years ago.
(The old man had it in his possesion for 50 years. And in that time, the guitar had never seen the sunlight)
The bridge was reglued in a terrible way, not straight at all. The Neck was reglued even worse, and again not straight at all. Even worse, the nech had been cut almost in two pieces in a try to straighten it. And that was indeed the biggest problem, and it still is today. Other than that the neck was generalyl just bend.

WELL, the interesting thing i found, was that beneath the visible label i found a tiny tiny corner of paper sticking out. This did indeed get on my nerves. So for the first time i decided to remove the back of the guitar to find out what was going on.

After a couple of days of very careful work, i managed to do it perfectly. Well, i was pretty proud of the success, but atleast it went good.

Then i carefully removed the top label again with success and found to my big surprise the label that you see on the picture.

I was yelling a lot when i discovered that. All the troubles i had gone through was for the good of me, and for the guitar.

Since then i have been repairing on the guitar and its almost done. All that is needed is the perfectiong of the neck and string height.

Thank you for reading :)

Please do ask if you have any questions.

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