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Well, I went and did it: bought a replica 1800s-type guitar.  It's a 1975 Yairi parlor classical, model GL 600, spruce/rosewood (laminated), 620mm scale.  Yes it's the one which was on eBay last week.  No I did not pay the price shown; the seller and I "came to an agreement" but had to go through with the eBay price due to time constraints.   It's a decent enough guitar, but the tuners (40 year old plastic butterfly knobs) are shot.  Also it needs a proper bone nut/saddle, as what's there is also brittle plastic.  It plays in tune, and the action is comfortable.  The neck has a bit more of a V-profile than I am used to.  More later, as it evolves from a wall decoration to a playable instrument.

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