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Can someone point me towards a pdf of the Giordani 'guitar sonatas'? I suspect they're English guitar and continuo, like the Geminiani, but I can't locate the music.     

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You are right, they are for English guitar and continuo. They were re-issued by Schott in 1988. The original apparently is located in the Moravske Muzeum in Brno.

Jelma - thank you for the library location; I will get in touch again as I just requested some items from them. Do you know of the Schott is clean? I see that it ha been 'arranged', meaning the bass line must be inserted into the part. I've played the JC Bach Sonata, but since I don't have an English guitar, I did it (with classical violin/transitional bow) on my terz with different gauge strings for the C tuning.The Bach is in mensural notation and I didn't have time to learn to easily play in that tuning, so I prepared an 'edition' as if it was in regular guitar tuning. It looked liked Hindemith but sounded like Leopold Mozart.   

Hi Alexander, I only have one page of the Giordani original (as it is reproduced in the Schott) but I'll try to attach that here. I don't think the bass has been insterted into the guitar part. Kudos to you for attenmpting the C major tuning :-)
Best, Jelma

Here is the image of the scores I meant:



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