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I'm looking , quietly ;o) , for a Terz Guitar, in original but playable condition (I suspect this is a lot to ask!)
Does anyone out there have one they're interested in selling on? We're performing duets on period instruments (www.dodicicorde.co.uk) and I'd really like to do some Mertz duos on an instrument which would do them justice...ideas gratefully received.
ps I don't really want to go down the reproduction route, purely because I'd like to get my hands on a "real" one .....

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Hi Scot
should work now.....let me know!
It shows up ok for me both in photos and in the album ;o( don't know what else to try!
if you go into photos for the group are they there? they are for me, on the general photos page, not just on mine.....
Nope, no photos for me. I tried with my firewall off but no luck.

Sometimes the thing one wants most at the moment the guitar gods just refuse to let happen.
Hi Martin and others, can you click this: http://earlyguitar.ning.com/photo/albums/my-early-romantic-guitars?

Else, click on the name "Danielle" next to her avatar-picture (now you are on her profile page), scroll down, look on the left for "Photo Albums (1)", click, does that work?
Following yout instructions I arrive at her "Photo Album" but no photos.
Jelma is an Administrator, perhaps that is why she can access the photo. Each member has a 'settings' tab, located in the upper right hand corner of each members page. Click on the 'privacy' tab and it gives the option of who is able to view each members photo's, video's etc. Individual photo's and uploads can be set to be viewed by all members, friends or the individual member only.
Worth a shot.


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