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I'm looking , quietly ;o) , for a Terz Guitar, in original but playable condition (I suspect this is a lot to ask!)
Does anyone out there have one they're interested in selling on? We're performing duets on period instruments (www.dodicicorde.co.uk) and I'd really like to do some Mertz duos on an instrument which would do them justice...ideas gratefully received.
ps I don't really want to go down the reproduction route, purely because I'd like to get my hands on a "real" one .....

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Hi Danielle, there is one for sale on the Sinier de Ridder website: http://sinierderidder.free.fr/.
Hello Danielle, "Real playable condition" terz guitars are pretty rare and usually pricy when found. But they are certainly making a comeback it seems. They have become one of my most commissioned reproduction period instrument as of late.

Here's one you might like to take a look at. Schuster was from the Stauffer workshop so his instruments are very much the same. Also the Vienna style instruments sound the best for Mertz and the like...IMO.

You would have to get it restored but Bernard Kresse does awesome restoration work so I don't hesitate a second to recommend him...competition or not.

Thankyou both....I'm making progress on finding one!!
Hey Danielle, just wondering how your terz guitar search is going? Find one or getting close?
yes! I got one ;o)
from Sinier de Ridder, a lovely one with pretty mother of pearl and a great tone. 1864, by Lamy in fab condition and playable, was a lucky find! I forgot to update the post so thankyou. It means my duet partner and I can now play the Diabelli, Giuliani and Mertz without me struggling to capo....
Perhaps a bit off the topic, but I have just installed special terz guitar strings for the 650mm guitar on my spare classical guitar, and it works fine!
I tried one set of those strings as well, Harry but was significantly underwhelmed to never try a second set.

Once you have tried a real Terz guitar (19th century or modern) you will never be the same. It's a totally different experience.
I have very good experiences with Tiendas Latinas and Martin Zalapa. He made me a wonderful Panormo at a very affordable price which can be seen in My pictures. He has also a reguinto in his gallery with 54 cm string length, and upon request I was told that it could be made with 56cm SL without additional cost. Couldn't this requinto serve as a terz guitar?
Excellent Danielle! You shouldn't have fessed up because now we expect pictures and at least one musical example.
I never tried to do that with a "normal" guitar;
I'm using savarez alliance trebles and kurschner basses but at different tensions for them both. I aim to get photos of both up this weekend!
but the recordings might have to wait...as I'm not very techy!
there are recordings thoguh of my early romantic guitar with my duet partner on our site, if you have a spare minute. (www.dodicicorde.co.uk)
photos to follow!
Hi guys
I added photos, as requested!
Sorry Danielle but I cannot find your photos. The one in your page doesn't show. Am I doing something wrong or looking in the wrong place?


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