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Dear guitarists, I've just added two recordings I've made on a terz guitar in French 19th century style, strung in gut, made by Martin de Witte. Think a tiny Lacote :-)

Together the recordings are the first of the Six Divertissements from Pierre Porro's Instruction Elementaire de la Lyre-Guitare (ca 1810). The recording was made by Ben Stuyts. I'd be interested in opinions about the piece, the playing and the recording!

I'm thinking of recording all six Divertissements (this is the first one, and they get progressively more difficult), probably on a full size 19th century guitar.

So, let me know what you think! Regards, Jelma

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Jelma, beautifully played. I must confess I have never heard about Pierre Porro, but his music was nice to listen to. You played this on a terz guitar, but since the music was written for lyre-guitar, I guess I could also play it on my Panormo replica. When you are going to record the remaining Divertissements on a full size 19th century guitar will you then use a Lacote or a Panormo?
Best wishes
Thanks Harry. Yes, you can play anything by Porro on a Panormo replica. A nice selection of his music has been published by SPES Editore in Italy. Porro also mentions in that book that the music can be played on a six string guitar as well.

For the recording, I am thinking on something earlier than a Panormo or Lacote, more like a simple Mirecourt-style guitar without fan bracing etcetera. See my pictures, for instance the one where I'm playing in the street (Schubert songs)...

Hi Jelma! Where can i find the track to listen to you? Do you have original music for Terz solo?


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