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I hope that, since there are some Tarrega videos, his dates falling rather after 1850 will not be a disturbance.

I wonder if anybody can help me sort out the notes for Alborada / Cajita de Musica, not the tricky harmonics/left hand only section.  I have a 1961 edition ed Savio which is different from the early Madrid edition from ISMLP.  In Savio the chords are a little richer and the descending arpeggio that opens the piece stay the same all four times.  In the old edition the chords stay simple, and in the fourth version of that arpeggio each note is a 3rd lower.  It could be a mistake, but all 4 notes!?  But it doesn't sound very plausible suddenly being a bit relative minor.  The other difference is that Savio uses the title La Alborada / Cajita de Musica, whereas the Madrid edition has Alborada / Capricho.

What I wonder is whether there is another early edition or whether Savio made those changes including adding the programmatic name Cajita de Musica?



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That's extremely helpful, thanks! - I don't have the Chanterelle facs edition, so it sounds like they used the same Madrid edition.  I assume that edition doesn't refer to musical boxes?  The piece does seem so obviously in that descriptive vein that its hard to believe it wasn't intended by Tarrega, but how much of that might be simply having known it as that all this time?  There are after all various examples of C20 editors adding descriptive titles, which can be very apt, but equally, cannot actually be respected from the early music point of view (eg, Sor Op 47 no 2 titled La Chasse by somebody at Schott).  Knowing something is in a style or makes references to extra-musical notions can be all very 'in the know', but can one go ahead an use a later title with integrity?

The problem; I was planning on calling my whole CD "Cajita de Musica" - and finish with this piece ... and now I'm stuck!

Thanks very much for your input Martin.  I think you are right that the actual 'music box' connotation is only traceable to Savio, who also dropped the"Capricho" designation.  Though to be fair to him he does give the title "Alborada" first and largest and includes the dedication to Tarrega's son Paquito.  

You are right that much Tarrega might sound like a candidate for a musical box, including the Nokia tune (this really isn't a very Early Music topic is it!).  Have fun with the harmonics bit - its brilliant for separate hand coordination if nothing else, and we can all use a bit of that!

If I use the Cajita de Musica title I may have to put in  quite some spade-work to justify it in the notes.



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