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Dear All,


I feel very lucky in my retirement to be building guitars for family and friends.  A lifelong passion, I get more enthusiastic as time passes.  And so much to read on EGV and elsewhere.


Currently working on a pair of renaissance guitars for friends.  Playing my latest: ERG with body of Ashmolean Strad, as if updated in about 1800 for six strings, pin bridge etc.  My favourite so far.


I have three ERGs in their cases not being played.  One Panormo model (based on Edinburgh drawings)  and two Martin and Coupa models (but ladder-braced).  Have a look at my page for an idea of what I do.  Very light and resonant, SL 620/625mm.


If you are interested in one of these (prices from £450 to £850) send a note to my page.  I am in Worcester and would only sell face to face.





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Hello Steve,


Can you give me more information on the replica Panormo (luthier, year build, wood front, sides and back, price, SL, nut width)?



Hi Daan,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Panormo is based on the Edinburgh University drawings.  I built it last year - the fourth on the same pattern.  Two have been bought by local pro players/teachers.

Soundboard is grade 1 Swiss pine - I always buy from an established luthiers' supplier.  Back is flowered ash, with a central strip of figured sycamore. Neck is mahogany  Rosewood fingerboard.

Light and resonant as you would expect.  SL 625mm.  Nut width 50mm.

I make guitars for myself, family and friends - not as a business - which is why I can sell my spare Panormo-model and two Martin-model guitars cheaply.  £850 for Panormo, £650 and £450 for the Martins.

Hope you are interested.  Steve


I have a Panormo-style replica which is wonderful to play. If I hadn't and if I had lived near Worcester i know what I would do!!



Hi Harry,

Good to hear that - thank you.  The Panormo guitars look so beautiful.  I have played a couple of originals, and have built several from the Edinburgh University drawing, and they are all very pleasing to play.  The fan-bracing seems so sophisticated for the time, giving a really nice focus to the bass and still lovely strong treble sound.  Do you find that?


Another nice outcome: they seem to work for all styles of player: flesh, thumb-inside, nails, full modern classical technique.  Everyone enjoys a Panormo.


Enjoy your playing.






Yes, Steve, I was quite amazed by the volume and sound for such a small instrument, and it makes you wonder what we have gained constructing the much larger modern ones.... But anyway, £850 for such a beautiful Panormo on your page - a real bargain! You can see a picture of mine on My Page.



Thanks for that Harry. 


I enjoyed your pictures - very smart Panormo.


All the best, Steve


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